H1B Amendment approval is shorter than base petition's longer validity

Did you read my answers above if your situation is exact same?

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your response.
Yes I did read the answers. The only thing that casts a doubt is your last bullet regarding taking action before my i94 expiration. As of my last entry to the US, my i94 says admit until Feb 2019. The i94 that came with the first approval says Jan 2021 and the one with the amendment approval (one received last) says March
2020. So can you please clarify which i94 do I need to go by and what does it mean?

The most recent i94 takes precedence.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for the response. The most recent one I received was valid until March 2020. So does this mean that I am currently out of status and need to leave the country? My company says that they will be filing for an extension. When they do can I resume work when the petition is filed and receipt is received or do I need to wait for approval or can I resume work now itself?

My scenario:

  1. My H1B expires on 09/10/2020
  2. I got a new Job, which required me to file an Amendment, filed amendment on 02/10/2020.
  3. My Employer filed for my Extension and Amendment together.
  4. I got the Approval notice today but dates mentioned are Valid from 02/10/2020 to 09/10/2020

Question: Why i didn’t get approval for 3 years (09/10/2023), my client and vendor letter mentioned as long term project and I hold approved i-140.
Do i need to file H1B extension again?