H1B amendment after I-140 approval(less than 180 days)

I-140 approved March 2022. H1-B location change amendment filed, moved in June 2022. Will be staying with same company A for 180days(in different location than in approved I-140),employer will not withdraw/revoke as I am still with them.
1.Is the I-140 still valid after I moved to new location?
2. Does USCIS have rule that one should be with approved I-140 company for specific time frame for I-140 to be valid or is it just for safe side many advise to stay with the company for 6 months after approval to make sure company does not send revoke request to USCIS?

Yes, because I-140 is for future green card job.

The only issue if I-140 is withdrawn before 180 days after approval is you can’t use it for AC21 extensions
However you still keep your position in the green card queue, i.e. you can port your priority date to the I-140 filed by another employer.

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi my employer will not revoke the I-140 as I am still working for them ( in a different location). My question is to confirm if there is any rule from USCIS that the employee should stay in the same PERM location after I-140 approval for 180 days in order to make it eligible for future transfers/extension beyond 6 years

There is no such rule. PERM is a future job and has nothing to do with your H1B job location.