H1B 60 days grace period - 2 companies filing H1


Hi Anil, i am on H1B 60days grace period. almost 40days passed. Company A is filing H1B and I may get the receipt before 60 days. Company B may take sometime to file my H1B. I want to join company B as its a FT position. I may need to join company A with receipt before 60 days to save out of status.
My question is - Can I join company B once company B gets the receipt? or do I need to wait till the H1B approved?
I may not have H1B approval from company A while company B get the receipt.
I heard about bridge petition. Does it apply here?

Lastly CoS to H4 and then how can I join companyB?

Please suggest which option good for me.


(Anil Gupta) #2

I am not sure why you are not filing H1B in premium in your current situation.

You should file both Company A and B H1B in premium.

You can join company A and then B easily without adding complications if A’s petition is approved and you get a new i94.

I don’t understand what you mean by H4 here.
Are you planning to file H4 COS too along with H1B?
If yes, then you are adding more complexity to your case.



Thanks Anil for answering me.
My problem is Company A is a small firm and they are not ready to do premium so if I join company A may keep my status but not sure when I may get h1 approval.

in other word Company B is a big firm but they are slow so may start petition after 60days, do you suggest me to go to H4 COS or go to Inidia and wait for H1b approval from company B as I do not want to stuck with company A.

please answer.


(Anil Gupta) #4

Its your personal choice as to what you want to do.

My suggestion is to pay for premium from your pocket and get it approved within 15 days instead of spending money on travel to India or filing H4 COS.