H1b 221g Process at Mumbai consulate during coronavirus days

Hello Anil,

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Could you please answer me below question if you have any idea.

I got 221g Yellow while having h1b interview on 4th March 2020. I have submitted all required 221g docs. electronic(email) to Mumbai consulate on 11th March. Do you have any idea are they processing 221g or it’s also stopped during these days?


What visa type is it and what documents were requested?

Back end form 221g processing is being done but it may be delayed if embassy sends them to US for verification.

It was H1b visa. During visa interview I had all required docs with me but officer didn’t ask me on interview time and told me to send all marked documents through email.

Documents asked were : -

  1. W2(2 yr’s) ,
  2. Client letter,
  3. Employer-employee contract(offer) letter,
  4. employer to client contract paper,
  5. project details,
  6. itinerary of services.

I have sent all docs on 11th march 2020. I had a interview on 4th March 2020. I took 1 week to submit all docs coz of I was preparing project details, itinerary of services.

As, per your reply what do you mean by "Back end form 221g processing is being done "?

Please clear me here and thanks for your time as you reply always on time and get time to help. Really appreciated.


Ok… in most cases where client documents are requested, US embassy sends an email to client for verification.

It can take couple of weeks for this process.

I got your point Anil. I wanted to know that do you have any idea or did you get any information that they have not stopped 221g process as consulate is closed due to coronovirus. As, you replied 1st that “Back end form 221g processing is being done” what are you trying to say? How does it matter to electronic process?

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What i mean to say is that Form 221g processing is open. Only personal interaction has been stopped at US embassies.

All other work that can be done using electronic means is open.

Actually i read this https://in.usembassy.gov/information-for-visa-applicants-regarding-novel-coronavirus/. So got confuse what exactly they are trying to say “will not process 221g” means hardcopy documents or all services(electronic) closed. ?

If they are processing then would be good if not then bad luck.

Thank you.