H1B -221g Blueslip , chennai consulate , Email to submit passport but CEAC status shows refused

Hi Sir,

I have a doubt regarding my visa application where i got mail to submit my passport but the non-immigrant visa status is showing as refused.

Can i know the exact status for this situation please.

I am not sure if this is a problem with Chennai consulate or something else but i heard one more exact similar case today:

I think its a problem with their status update as passport submission request usually means the visa approval. I don’t think its an issue and no need to worry.

Sir is there any possiblity that they may take passport and stamp on the passport as refused, where there is no chance to try for the next attempt.

You can always apply for US visa again irrespective of number of times it is refused.

Who told you that you can’t apply again?

Yes sir, I heard it from my colleagues and i wanted to know that Is there any case of taking passport and sending back the passport with refused stamp without forwarding it to the respective consulate??

What your colleagues have told you is just a rumor. That’s not true.

In 99% of cases where embassy asks for passport, the visa is approved.

Hi @lochana

I have verified and you are not alone. There are many people who got this status updated to ‘Refused’.
No need to worry.

Hi @lochana

I cannot help with anything except saying that you are over worried.

These status changes are normal.

After passport request, it can take 1-7 days to get the passport back. Holiday do affect this time.