H1B - 221 g blue slip - Question about 'out of status' in interview

Hi Anil
I attended my visa interview today (10/9/2019). I did my Masters in CS. Graduated in 2016. Working with my petitioner company for 2 yrs. The interviewer asked my petitioner name, location, salary, from how long I was working, when I graduated, when my opt started. Later asked if I was out of status anytime and I said I was never on unlawful presence. She then told me that she is going to have my passport and at this time, I don’t have anything to do but gave me a 221(g) blue slip which says refusal for administrative process. Application Will be reviewed by administrative process.

What should I do at this time? Why did they keep my passport? Does that mean it’s a RFE? How long will it take? What will they do in the administrative process?


Hi @Pragathi

There is no need to worry if they have kept your passport. It is normal process and visa officer is probably just trying to verify if you have ever been ‘out of status’ in US while you were on OPT.

Keeping the passport is a good sign. You cannot do anything at this time except to wait for result.

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Thanks @Anil_Gupta for your response!

Have you written any blog or forum, sharing info about what or how administrative process is done?
If not can you please share us what the process is about, how will they do the check/verification, duration of the process and others.

Hi @Pragathi

There is no official information about how the administrative checks are done behind the scenes.
Whatever you read online is only people’s own perception and ideas.

US embassy usually sends your information to USCIS to verify your status and other details. If they need information from other agencies like CBP etc., they also contact them and then wait for their response.

Each agency can take their own time to respond and hence the delays.

Hi @Pragathi, may I ask if you received I-797B or I-797A H1B approval notification? And did you get any updates on your h1 visa status?

@hope100 Its i797B. I got my passport stamped and received it in 9 days. My status got updated two times (meaning - case updated dates changed twice)

Thank you for the response… that is great…