H1 transfer join on receipt with I-94 expiry in 2022


I have question on joining new employer on receipt (as perm processing is closed due to virus situation). If I join new employer on receipt and it gets rejected, let’s say after 5-6 month, what options I will have considering my I have I-94 valid till 2022 from current employer.

Will that set to cease/ void as soon rejection comes and I have to leave or I will have time to file new petition with same employer or even with another new one.

If I would have time then how much time I will be having? Thanks for reply and suggestion in advance.


Your only option would be to go back to old employer and start your H1B payroll immediately.

If you cannot go back to old employer at that time, you should leave US and then file any other H1B transfer and wait outside US.

Once your H1B is denied, you do not get much time to leave US. There is no official number of days but people usually leave within 2 weeks.