H1 Transfer + H4 + H4EAD filing concurrently - Sample cover letter

Hi Anil,

I am planing to file my H1-b transfer to new employer. Along with, I want to do COS for my wife from H1 to H4 & EAD filing concurrently.

Could you please share if you have any cover letter, since all three petitions will be in one packet and also based on the location of my new employer, it will go to California Service center.

For I-765 FORM, do i need to enter my current H1B receipt number since, my new I-129 form is not filed with USCIS? Please advise.

There is no need for cover letter for filing all applications concurrently in same packet.

You can leave the form i-765 form H1B receipt number blank (or write “Filed Concurrently”) as you are filing it concurrently.

Sample H4 EAD application form and Sample H4 i539 form available here.

Hi Anil,

Thank you for your quick response.

Since eligibility category is c 26, there is no much space available to write “Filed Concurrently”. Can we write with black pen manually? Please advise.