H1 transfer after i94 expiry,H1b transfer approved before h1 extension approval

Hi ,

My H1b and i94 expired in March and the employer A applied for extension before the i94 expiry.

In July Employer B applied for H1 transfer in PP in bridge mode. The H1 transfer got approved with i94.

My concerns -

  1. What will happen to my h1 transfer approval if employer A withdraws the H1 extension petition ?

  2. Will the H1 transfer approval still remain valid or do I have to leave the country after it’s withdrawal and go for stamping ?

  3. Also there is a gap of i94 from March to aug , will that be an issue ?

Thank you in advance.

If you got a new i94 then, it should not be an issue.

Ok thank you Anil.

I was under the impression In a bridge, all the petitions in the chain need to be approved. If the earlier petition is denied or withdrawn , then the bridge breaks even if i have received a new I-94 on h1 transfer approval.

Is this not correct ?

I came across this scenario mentioned in one other forum. So I just wanted to make sure that I don’t have to leave the country in case previous employer withdraws the Extension petition . As travel ban will make it difficult to go for stamping now .

Also new i94 has start date as aug 10th where my previous i94 expired on March 20. The new approval doesn’t have i94 start date backdated to March 20th. Will that be an issue when I go for stamping in future.

Thanks in advance