H1 to H4 COS Processing time in California Service Center

Currently I am on H1B valid till 2019 Feb.

H1 to H4 COS, H4 EAD filed with spouse H1B transfer - Premium

H1 to H4 COS, H4 EAD filed concurrently in premium along with spouse’s H1 transfer on 04/29.

H1B transfer approved in premium, H4 pending

H1 transfer for spouse approved on 05/08. No update on H4 COS, H4 EAD application yet.

Working on H1B after filling H4 COS

I am still working on my current H1B even after filing H4 COS+EAD.

While filing for H4 COS, used future effective date of 1st July 2018.

Already 38 days are completed so far.

H4 COS processing time

Wondering if it’s going to take 3-4 months or just 40-50 days now a days? Appreciate your help.

Hi @cloud7

H1B and H4 in premium - result in 15 days

USCIS, generally, gives result for applications filed concurrently in Premium with #usa:h1b within 15 days as a courtesy.
But, it is not guaranteed. In your case, it seems like they have moved the H4 COS and #usa:h4-ead in regular processing.

Processing time for H4 change of status

If you check the current processing time for H4 Change of status applications (check here: Current H4 Processing Time 2018 - California, Vermont - AM22 Tech), they show the time 1 month to 4.5 months at California Service Center.

Did anyone recently filed for H1B to H4 COS+H4 EAD concurrently in California center ?Can you please let us know how much time it took?

USCIS website shows minimum 1 month to maximum 4.5 months.But by looking at H4 ED tracker ,they seem to process mostly in 40-50 days.Not sure if the timelines are different for COS+H4 EAD.

Appreciate if anyone can share their recent processing timelines for H1B to H4 COS+H4 EAD concurrently in California center ?