H1 to H4 COS pending, applying H4 extension and H1B COS

Hi, my H1 ext was rejected last month and I applied a COS to H4 based on my spouse’s H1 valid until 12/31/2019. Now my spouse’s H1 extension was applied by employer.

Can I apply H4 extension now based on H1 receipt?

Also when I have a COS pending, what would I mention as the current immigration status and expiry while applying H4 extension? Does it need any special documents or notes while applying?

Also I have 140 approved, so can an employer apply another H1 for me? In that case Should I apply another COS from H4 to H1?

If H1 is applied premium, how would the COS be processed? I thought COS does not have premium.

Hi @Sreetce

As you file any new application over existing pending H4 COS, you will start adding complexity to your case.

H4 COS is taking an average of 10-12 months these days. You can file an extension once you are in that status.
My suggestion is to go out of US, get H4 visa stamp in either Mexico or Canada, enter US again and then apply H4 extention to keep things clean.

You will need a new H4 to H1B change of status application to get back to H1B status. H1B COS can be filed in premium.

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