H1 to H4 COS application denied, I have approved H1 application now, does it impact getting the H1 visa at consulate due to COS denial


I had filed an H1 to H4 COS application, meanwhile, my H1 application (consular processing) was also filed.
My H1 application was approved and now I have my upcoming H1 dropbox appointment but the COS application has been denied. So I have below queries regarding the same:

  1. As I am eligible for dropbox for the H1B visa do I need to submit my H1 to H4 COS I797 form with the documents? As I have already traveled back to India I would not be able to get the denial letter so would not be able to submit that.
  2. Also, does this adversely affect my current or future H1 applications/extensions?
  3. In case the withdrawal letter was not sent will it benefit to still send it or now it’s late for it?

Would really appreciate answers to the above so I can be less stressed with the dropbox appointment :grinning:
Thanks for the help.