H1 to H4 change of status processing time

Hi Anil,
hope you doing good.
wife and myself are on separate H1B s
in case my wife wants to go on H4 (seems her employer may not agree for next H1 extension, due in Feb 2020).

how much time will it take for us to do that.

how much time will be required to convert status from h1 to h4 and during this transition will her status will be legal.

No GC processing for either of us and we both are on H1b (completing 6 years next year).


You can check H1B to H4 COS processing time here.

The status stays legal.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your reply, I am bit confused as never thought on this before. Could you please point me to a link where I can get more information like what will be the steps and how we should proceed to initiate this change.


Hi @Vik

You have to file H4 COS application using form i539 before your wife’s current i94 expires.