H1 Stamping on concurrent jobs

I have two full time jobs employment. emp A is full time salaried and Emp B is hourly consultant full time(35-40 hrs).
Both are remote jobs and petitions are approved. Will there be issue in stamping?

What are the questions expected in 221g/ visa interview?
What documents do I need to have?
What happens if they request client letters with business hours?
Will overlapping business hours will be an issue?

Unless one of the H1B employer filed concurrent employment petition, you can’t work for two employers.

As mentioned above, you can have a primary employer and another concurrent employer. You can use the I-797 from primary employer for visa stamping.

As far as the remote job location is mentioned in the H1B petition , it should be okay.

Just google and you will find real experiences of people.

Consult your employer’s immigration lawyer and work closely with your employer for the comprehensive list of documents as it applies to your case.

You will need to talk to your employer, they will be able to get what is needed.

When another employer files for concurrent employment, if its part time, it will have better chances of approval.

Hi Gopal,

I am also in same boat. You got any info on Stamping with concurrent petitions.