H1 SOW Expired (2 weeks ago) and renewal in progress

Hello Everyone

I have a VISA appointment tomorrow. This is my first time to USA and currently, my SOW is expired(last week) and the renewal is in progress expecting 1-2 months for the documents to be signed by both parties. I have a supporting client letter until 2024(letter issued after sow expiry) and a Delivery Head letter from my company till 2024 for the client.MSA is there without any end dates(validity) mentioned which is signed last year.

  1. What should be my answer If they have asked " Is this SOW expired " or any Q’s related to SOW.
  2. I will be working from my company development center hub(Richardson) to the client in Dallas. My LCA doesn’t have a client name. How should I answer this crisply?

Ideally you should have discussed these questions beforehand with your employer’s immigration lawyer.
I would just say answer based on facts.

They just said . you can use the client letter and say Renewal is in progress and immi lawyer in my company isnt good and helpful. So can you pls help.

Just follow the advice of using client letter instead of sow.