H1+H4EAD Regular or Premium - Will EAD be processed faster?

My h1b extension is up again for renewal.
I am in limbo of whether to apply in regular or premium? Is there any advantage for premium related to H4EAD as my wife won’t be able to work otherwise.

Please share your experience or advice.

Thank you,

Hi @Legal

There is no advantage of filing H1B + H4 EAD in premium specifically for EAD. The H4 EAD may or may not be processed in premium.

In 99% of cases, EAD is being processed in regular queue these days.

Can I put H4EAD in premium queue by upgrading the whole process into premium after 2-3 of weeks of applying in regular?

Hi @Legal

There is no guarantee that H4 EAD will be processed in premium even if you upgrade your H1B to premium after couple of weeks.

As per the recent trend, H4 and H4 EAD as processed in regular queue irrespective of what you do.

Thank you Anil for your quick responses.

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