H1, H4 extension, H4EAD - getting all approved within 6 months

My spouse’s H1, my H4 and H4 EAD are expiring on Sept. End.

  1. Are there any steps that can be started related to H1/H4/H4EAD extension before the “6 month time period from expiry date” start?
  2. Also what would be best way to apply these three so as to get EAD within next 6 month. We can do H1 extension in premium processing if needed to get that.

USCIS does not allow filing before 180 days of expiry at this time.

Read this:

Got it. So even the first step of H1 extension application like “posting a notice at the worksite stating that it has filed an LCA” cannot be done before 180 days of expiry?

All other steps can be done anytime. The filing with USCIS cannot be done before 180 days.

Thanks, that clarified some concerns in present situation. Since now premium processing is cancelled for all I-129, can you please tell me what are other steps to be done before the last step of filling to USCIS and typically how much time those steps take?

Hi @DipAtTV

Your employer has to do those steps. Each employer takes their own time based on how fast their attorney is. I cannot comment on how much time your employer will take.

Two main steps are filing LCA and PWD.