H1 H4 Dropbox appointment

Hi, Can someone comment On the below scenario please:

Consider that H1 visa Dropbox appointment booked along with H4 (spouse and kid).

Now the question is, Can we change the passport information of kid (I.e new passport details - number and dates,etc) in the below items:

  1. Submitted Ds-160
  2. Visa Dropbox appointment (cgi)

If we can change, could you please share the process to follow.

You can fill out a new DS-160, call VFS and they can update your appointment with new DS-160.

Thanks much Kalpesh. You mentioned about updating ds-160 number in cgi thru help desk. What abt old passport details correction which entered in cgi. Will help desk update the same in cgi ?

You update that in DS-160, call VFS and they will update the DS-160 # in your appointment.