H1 extension+ H4+EAD

Hi everyone.
I am applying for H1 extension. Planning to file H4 and EAD together. Everything is expiring in May 2021. I read few articles and comments from different groups and websites regarding 2 ways to make it faster.

First scenario:
Apply all 3 (H1, H4, EAD) together in premium
H1 approval
Biometrics receipt and appointment
Send biometrics
H4 approval
EAD approval

Second scenario:
Apply all 3 in regular processing
Get H4 biometric receipt
Get biometric appointment
Once u get biometrics Upgrade file in premium processing along with biometrics
Get H1 H4 approval

I am planning to apply for premium processing but needs suggestion about which scenario is better and works faster in actual sense in 2021.

Thanks in advance.

Hi , I am also in a same boat and looking for the same information. Loop me in this thread

Me and my wife are one the same boat as well. Loop me in if you get any news.
I need to file my H1 extension (I have i140) this year, her OPT is expiring Feb. 28. We need to figure out a way to get the 3 together in premium.