H1-b transfer while COS to h4 & h4 EAD is pending


I am currently on H1b valid till 2024, GC not filed yet.

My spouse is also on H1b valid till 2025 and I140 approved.

6 weeks ago, I filed for COS to get H4 and EAD. (EAD brings in lot more opportunities for me with employers who are not willing to sponsor.)

Just this week, I also got an offer from employer who is willing to file for H1b transfer. I want to take that offer.

However, I do want to COS to H4 & H4 EAD.

My spouse did not (and is not expecting to) change employer.

Question is: Can I do H1b transfer while my h4 and EAD is Pending? Or do I need to withdraw my COS to h4? Or does it become invalid once my new employer files for H1b transfer.

Yes you can. I would suggest to do premium processing for H1B transfer.

No need if you wish to switch to H4/EAD later on.

H1B transfer will not impact the COS application.

Thanks, I will do H1b transfer premium processing.