H1-B Transfer Approval chances - civil engineering and I overall experience in IT industry


I have a valid H1-B for 3 years and I wanted to transfer to different employer. I have bachelor’s degree civil engineering and I overall experience in IT industry is 6 and half years. How good my chances are to get the transfer. The transfer will be applied to California center.

Chances of H1B transfer approval are same as what you had at the time of first H1B using the same civil engineering degree and your experience in IT industry.

Thankyou. Actually My H1-B extension happened in Nebraska center and Transfer will go to California center. I heard in California center scrutiny is more.

You cannot control the service center you application goes to.

The H1B checks are same at all centers as per my information.

You can check the top 10 reasons for RFE and make sure you send all documents in advance.

Also, the H1B denials vary by the type of employer you have.

What documents Can I provide to avoid specialty occupation RFE.

Your employer has to prove that the job that he is offering requires special knowledge and training that you have attained using your education or work experience.

Thanks for clarifying.