H1-B Extension i94 expired & job change without getting out of status

Can i change employer under the following circumstances without getting out of status:
~ i-94 expired in Dec’19
~ current H1-B under regular extension process. decision pending

  1. If i change employer will my ongoing extension with my present employer become a bridge petition?
  2. Under which scenario I can be out of status to live in United States ?
  3. If my new employer’s petition (let’s say premium processing) is approved then do i need to worry about the old petition from my present employer ?
  4. If my new employer’s petition (let’s say premium processing) is denied. Can i continue working with my present employer. Can the new petition also cause any affect my old petition or lead to denial ?
  5. Lastly, is it worthy moving to switch under such circumstances ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @Amm20

Your h1B transfer will be based on your extension as i94 is already expired. This will become a bridge.

You can read the bridge petition risks here.

Your other questions have also been discussed on the above link.

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Thanks Anil for your helpful clarification !