H1 B Amendment Denied - Next steps?

My H1 visa is currently valid.
I changed my client in and so employer filed a H1 amendment.

I received a RFE for amendment asking for evidences in Client-Employer relationship.
After RFE response submission, my amendment was denied.
My employer says that I can stay here as my underlying H1 is valid.

a) What are the next steps that can be taken so I can continue working with client?

b) Can I file a new amendment for the same client again and start working for client after I receive the receipt number ?

c) Can I change my client to any other new client and ask my employer to file a new amendment for the new client?

  1. H1b amendment denial is fine since you have the H1 still valid.
    You can go back to old client (for which your H1 is still valid) and keep your H1 status valid.

  2. Yes, you can file another amendment. But, if nothing substantial has changed, the decision might again result in denial.

  3. Yes, you can file amendment for any other client too.