H1 b amendment denial extension under progress

H1b amendment after RFE denied for location B. Extension under process . Had recvd RFE for extension also . What is the impact of amendmemt denial on the pending H1b extension ? What are chances of approval ?

The chances of extention denial are very high if its for the same position and same location that amendment was denied for.

Okay Thanks ! But is there even 1 % chance to get positve result ? Are there any cases where they have received approval ?

Hi @Cenavarad

You would be extremely lucky if you get an approval with same application after denial.

Offcourse, there are exceptions if the USCIS officer gets a change of heart.

Hoping for the best :+1:t2:

Please tell me one more thing. The amendment has got denied . Now if only extension is filed for the same location and not amendment plus extension,can we continue to work at this location ? The extension was filed before the expiry of I94 . Or should we go back to home country and wait till extension approval ?

You can wait till extention result.

Ok Thanks ! Hoping for the best result :+1:t2: