H-4 EAD validity due to reduced H-1B duration

I am a IT consultant who has approved H-1B till Nov 2021. My wife too have H-4 EAD valid till Nov 2021.

In Jan 2019 I had to change client, filed amendment, got the RFE from USCIS. Provided all the documents. RFE got approved but my H-1B duration got reduced to Jan2020.

My questions -

  1. Is my wife s H-4 EAD valid till Nov 2021?

Considering it is not:

  1. What if I could get another H-1B extension approval before Jan 2020, will it extend H-4 EAD automatically?

  2. What happens to H-4 EAD if my H-1B extension is in process post Jan 2020?

Hi @111

H4 EAD card stays valid till the date printed on it. But, your wife can only use it to work as long as she is in valid H4 status in US.

H4 stays in status as long as H1B status is valid. So, if you file and extension and get H1B approval, the H4 EAD card can be used without filing for any special H4 EAD renewal or extension until it is valid.

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@Anil_Gupta So, if my H-1B extension is in process post Jan 2020 this H-4 EAD is still valid?

I think i have answered pretty clearly in my last answer.