H-1B transfer before I-94 expires. Current company also filing H-1B extension


I am in H-1B working for company A now. Company A has also filed my H-1B extension recently. I got an offer from Company B. Company B is filing transfer petition before I-94 expires. I will join Company B only after transfer approval. My question is if company B tranfer is approved and I start working for them and my current company A H-1B extension petition gets denied in future, will company B transfer remains valid and approved?

Please guide me.



Hi @Ullas_Vishwakarma

Company B’s H1B Transfer approval will remain valid even if company A’s extention is denied.

Thanks Anil. I noticed that company B transfer approval notice have the same I-94 number as Company A initial H-1B visa approval. The current company A extension petition is in processing now. I am afraid if I join Company B and anything happens to Company A extension processing, will it have any impact on company B transfer petition as both have same I-94 number?

What if when I leave my current company A and they don’t withdraw my extension petition?

i94 number remains same. There is no need to worry about it.

Withdrawing the application is your employer’s headache. It will not affect you or your H1B transfer.

Thanks. What happens if after I join company B, H-1B extension of Company A gets approved? Don’t you think I-94 will then get updated automatically due to company A as both will have same I-94.

Hi @Ullas_Vishwakarma

Your previous employer is required to withdraw the extension as soon as you leave them.