H-1B approved premium, H4-EAD checks cleared

Hi Anil,

My wife and I work for the same employer.

My employer sent out my wife’s H-1B extension package along with my H-4 extension and H4-EAD extension packet that I filled out separately. All went in premium.

USCIS received the package on 29th May, and her H-1B was approved on 30th May. In 1 day flat!

I didnot receive any notification that they received my packet (which was included with hers) even though I filled out the G-1145.
However, I did receive notifications when only I filed my first H4 and H4-EAD back in November.

Although this may mean nothing, since there was nothing else I could do, I checked with my bank today and they said both my checks for I-539 and I-765 were cleared yesterday.

your thoughts? comments?

Thank you so much!

Hi @indoamerican

Please ask a specific question. It is difficult to share any thoughts and opinions for an open ended question.

Sorry Anil, I was concerned that I didn’t get a text/email confirmation saying they received the package (now I know they did as my checks were cleared) but I have no receipt number that I can track the status of. I received a receipt number the last time.

What do you think should I do? I think my HR wouldn’t have received it either cos if they did, they’d have informed me.

Also, since I spent on I-539 and I-765 out of my pocket (both the times, COS and extension) and I continue to work for the same employer who had earlier filed my H-1Bs, is it fair to expect them to reimburse those costs as I work for them?

Are there any trends, practices elswhere that reflect this? Thank you!

Employers are obligated to pay for H1B.

Most Employers pay for dependent H4 as well. No Employer pays for H4 EAD.

If the checks has been cashed, the receipt number would have been generated and should have been sent by USPS mail.

The H4 and H4 EAD receipt may take 7-15 days to arrive by USPS mail.

You can check the current H4 Biometric process here as you will get H4 Biometric appointment too.

H4 ead premium processing available? When will start? Any news about that?