Green Card Processing for L1A


I am currently in L1A and my 7 year max out is July 2022. My employer is yet to file an I140 Petition through EB1

  1. I am left with 15 months of time for Max out, So would this suffice for I140 and I485 approval
  2. In the case of Max out, Can i travel back to USA once I485 is approved ?
  3. Please advise if there is a premium processing for I140 for L1A
  4. Any possibilities of filing both I140 and I485 together due to the short duration that i have until max out

Thanks Much

I140 and i485 can be filed together.

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Thanks a lot Anil. So if my Visa expires before i receive EAD & AP and I485 is pending and i have to travel back to India. can i travel back to USA once my EAD/AP is approved?