Green card filing from india when priority becomes current

Hey Anil,

I wanted your expert advice on one of the issues. Current situation is not favorable for immigrants, also i am seeing day by day the h1b scrutiny has increased both in India and also in USA.

Would it advisable to work as long you can in US and go back to India . Hopefully my priority date (APR 24 2015) becomes current and apply green card via consular processing through some company.

Family doesn’t seems to be happy in US , as my wife works in H4 and h4 will be revoked in another 3 months as per goverment

What is your thought , will US keep the priority dates law or may be in future they might switch to merit based or may be some other system.


Green card from India

You can file Green card in future when your priority date becomes current.

Indian GC priority date - expected timeline

The Indian green card backlog is not going to improve unless Immigration law is changed.

Assuming, the law is not changed, the chances of EB2 India getting current for you are 100+ years at this time.

H1B merit based system

Everything is just speculation with change of US immigration law and employment based visas.

Trump introduced the merit based thought 3 years ago when he became president and it has still not seen any progress.

Not sure how many more years it’s going to take to become a law.

Country based GC limit removal

Country based GC limit removal is going on for last 10 years and it has not seen day of light yet.
That’s probably the only real hope Indians have at this time.