Green Card filing EB3 vs EB2

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My company started initiating Green Card process for me and they said they are filing in the EB3 category. Not sure about the reason.

I have few questions if my company is filing GC process in EB3 category. Could you please help me?

  1. Will it impact my Wage processing time and PERM approvals time if we apply in EB3 category?
  2. Will it impact my I-140 approvals?

The reason for asking these questions are: My H1B is maxing out next year October. (I just have 1 Year 2 months time from now).

What was the processing time for EB3? Could you please suggest me which category (EB3 / EB2) is the best at this point? Little worrying about my H1B max out time.

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Hi @venkat549

EB2 or EB3 selection is based on your education and work experience.

If you are not eligible for EB2 ( Masters degree), then they cannot file in EB2.

The processing time for wage determination and i140 is not affected by EB2 or EB3.

You can check the total time from prevailing wage to i140 approval here.

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Thank you, Anil…!

For EB2, bachelor degree + 5 years experience is enough right (or) do we still need masters degree for EB2 category?

Thank you for providing processing time links.

Bachelor + 5 years experience works fine for EB2.

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Thank you, Anil…