Got RFE for I-539 extension of Tourist Visa

Hi Anil,

My mom came to US on Sep 21,2019 on Tourist Visa and her stay period is valid March 20,2019 and we booked return ticket to March 13,2019. I have applied for her extension of stay by submitting form I-539 on January 25,2019. I submitted the reason for stay as she wants to visit more tourist places. Thinking that form will be approved I postponed her visit to 3 months from March 20,2019 i.e we postponed her return ticket to India is Jun 20,2019.

On April 30,2019 I got an RFE asking for my last 3 months bank statements, my mom’s foreign residence proof, arrangements made for her departure to U.S etc. I want to attach the RFE document. How to do it?

What all documents I need to submit for the RFE? My question is if I don’t submit the RFE, how long she can stay in U.S?

If you do not submit the RFE response, your mom should leave the US immediately.

You can attach the image of RFE document in your post.