Got RFE for H1B amendment (Dev to PM role change)

I am switching from Software Development Engineer to Program Manager role (in the same company but different team) and got an RFE for H1B amendment.

The legal team has informed that it can take around 3 months to file a response to RFE and get a decision from USCIS.

In the meantime (while waiting for the decision), can I switch to a different team with my current title (SDE) without having to withdraw the amendment application. And then join the other team as PM after the amendment has been approved?

You can keep working in your current role and as per current approved H1B as long as the approval is valid.

There is no compulsion that you start working in the new role for which Amendment is pending. You can start working for that role after the amendment is approved.

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Thanks Anil!

Can I join the new team as an SDE (current title) for the time being (while we are waiting for RFE to be resolved) and change the role to PM after the approval.

My new manager also has a software development project that I could work on.

Hi @kala

I think i have clearly answered your question in my earlier response.

I am not sure what is different in your follow up question?