Got laid off (Company A) - two job offers same time in 60 days

Hi Anil,

I have H-1B validity from my employer A till 2023. Now I got offers from two companies at same time. Company A already informed USCIS my last working day with them and I am in the 60 days grace period.

I went through your answers in other threads how the concurrent filing works. My question is :

  1. The company B joining date is early so I want to join that first. They will file in REGULAR process.
  2. The company C is ready to file in PREMIUM but by the time they file it may or may be in the 60 days period.
  3. Is it possible to file concurrent H-1B by company B using previous company A petition in the first time?
  4. Or It has to wait for Company C’s approval and use that receipt to amend concurrent H-1B?

I want to join Company C at the end. But to maintain my status I have move to company B first. To cover the cost involved in the H-1B transfer I would like to continue working for Company B for atleast 3 months.

What is the best option you can suggest?

  1. To maintain status.
  2. To get employed with both company B and Company C legally.

Thank you for your help…

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For concurrent H1B filing, company C should file it as concurrent.

Company B may not be able to file concurrent application as your company A has already withdrawn your H1B (as you have mentioned).

Thank you Anil ji, for the suggestion.
So employment last day reporting to USCIS it in the indication for H-1B withdrawl?