Got email from liveinmelbourne

Hi. I want to know i got an email from liveinmelborne. But their is not written preinvite/ invite. In email they have written SKILLED NOMINATED MIGRATION- VICTORIA. Please let me know clearly about this email. Please help me… Thanks in advance.

I can suggest anything if you can share the email screen shot. I can’t simply blindly give you any answer.

Hi anil, hve sent u screenshot. Please have a look. Thanks

This email looks genuine.

The word ‘pre-invite’ is not an official term. It is only used by general public. This email does tell you that have been invited.

Will it means now i can lodge visa application?

You need to check your Skillselect. What do you see there?

In skillselect their i found nothing regarding this thing. I only got email. Is it necessary to show on skillselect…?

I cannot really explain it as you seem to have no knowledge of this process.

Please read the email carefully to understand what needs to be done.

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