Going for H4 stamping with H1 approval while H4 extention is pending


I just got my h1b extension approved and my wife’s H4 is in progress.

We are planning to go to India for a vacation. Can my wife still get her H4 stamping on my approved I 797 along with me even if her H4 extension is in progress? And will that cause any issues to her h4 extension which is in progress?

You can go for H4 visa stamping with approved H1B i797 and other supporting documents.

Thanks Anil.

Let me take my question to next level.
Am waiting for my h1b approval for my extension petition applied in premium and pending “employer employee” rfe documents submission by my company. My wife who is on h4 needs to travel to India for some urgent work. I94 has already expired. Can she travel out of the USA while her h4 extn approval is pending? Am going to travel out of USA only after I receive my h1b approval. Am planning to go for stamping along with her on my approved h1b visa when I’ll travel to India.

How will that affect her H4 extension petition?
Will it get abandoned? And if so can she go for h4 stamping on my approved h1 along with me when I travel to India?

Will her leaving the US before I receive my H1B approval impact my h1b extension petition?

Didn’t you say your H1B extension was approved? Why are you changing your situation now?

My answer remains same for H4 though.

Thanks Anil for your inputs. Am expecting my Approval soon but earlier my wife was planning to go with me and now that plan has changed and she is planning to go before I receive my approval.