Getting I-140 approval copy using FOIA request


I received an email on 21st Jul 2019 stating that I can log into account at to retrieve, view, and download your responsive records. The Request Status for my request Control Number shows as COMPLETED online on the website.

However it does not show any document for download in the DOCUMENT LIBRARY. I tried calling them on 800-375-5283, looks like they can not view any FOIA information. They asked me to drop email. I dropped multiple emails to and No response from anywhere so far.

Any idea, how can I obtain a copy of my I140 approval letter.
Please help.


Hi @gopalkrishna.kvn

Once your request is completed, the copy will be available in download section.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your response. The request was completed on 21st Jul 2019. I do not find any document in the DOCUMENT LIBRARY section till date.


Hi @gopalkrishna.kvn

Call USCIS and ask for status then.