Get Medical health check done before lodging application?

While filing 189 visa application, for every applicant there is a question related to health examination in the online form.
Has this applicant undertaken a health examination for an Australian visa in the last 12 months?

  1. should i say yes after following the steps you outlined and enter the HAP ID generated using this steps ?

  2. Should i wait for the test results to uploaded before filing for visa ?

  3. Some people suggest to just say no , once fees is submitted you can do the health declaration as it easier and we don’t need to fill in 2 applications.

Please advise.

Health check after lodging 189 visa invite is better

If you have already got the 189 visa invite, then it is better to do health examination after paying the fees, submit application and then you get option to generate HAP ID. This way, everything remains connected automatically.

Health check before 189 visa invite

If you want to do health check before getting invite, then the only way to do it is as listed here:

Should I wait for CO to ask… Or can i finish it and proactively and track the status for my medical… Could you let me know what is the process to do the medicals before CO asks

You simply pay fees and ‘Submit’ your visa application.
Once you submit, you immediately get an option to generate HAP ID for medicals.
You will be asked these medical questions before generating HAP ID:

Generate HAP IDs and go for health checks.

If you wait for CO to ask for medical health checks, your application will be delayed at-least by 60 days. Your choice if you want to wait or do it proactively.
I suggest doing it proactively.