Get L2 visa stamp in India while L2 extension is pending in USA


My company have applied for my and my spouse L1 and L2 extension in premium processing together. Will my husband get his l2 extension approval also together with me? Our case is in Texas Center and currently for i-539 it shows wait time of 8-10 months for L dependents?? Has anyone got L2 approved recently and how long did it take?? Please suggest.

Also is it possible that if i get my L1 extension approved - and we don’t wait for husbands extension approval and go to India and get stamping done?

Does that stamping mean that his extension is automatically approved? Please guide.


Hi @shradha_doshi

The chances of both L1 and L2 extension getting approved at same time are extremely low. The L2 extension approval is taking approximately 6-7 months at this time.

You can visit India and get L2 visa stamp to speed up the process. The L2 extension will be rendered useless if you travel while it is pending.

The L2 visa stamp and l2 extension are one and same thing for the purpose L2 dependent stay in US. Either one can be used.

Hello - thanks for your reply so you recommend going to India and get L2 stamped instead of waiting for L2 approval is it?! If we go that route what will happen for the ongoing L2 extension filed - will it get auto approved if we get stamping or will it be not applicable and then based on the visa stamp we can submit this visa document for EAD processing??

EAD extension was also filed - so can we just get stamping done come back and sent this additional document for EAD processing?

I have covered the topic of travel while EAD is pending here.

The pending L2 extension won’t get approved automatically. Both are different applications and are processed by separate agencies.

You need to understand the difference between the two.

What you are trying to do is expedite your L2 EAD processing time. But, it is really not possible the way you are thinking. The L2 EAD may still take the same amount of time in both cases i.e. L2 visa stamp or L2 extension.

I would suggest to avoid travel while your L2 extension and EAD are pending. You did not spoke about the L2 EAD in your first question, otherwise, i would have already suggested to wait in USA.

It saves both your and my time if you can clearly define your complete situation in first instance itself.

Hello ,

My apologies - actually when we moved to US first time my husband applied for EAD then went to india while the EAD was ongoing to serve his notice period and got back - there was no issue on his EAD process and we got it in 3 months. So did not realize that it would be a concern.

My biggest concern is how can we avoid the L2 extension wait time - which i was thinking to go to india and get stamping done. But I am confused now with your response.

Please let me know if the below series of steps would work in my case or no:
Step 1 : L1 , L2 extension and EAD renewal all filed together in premium processing
Step 2: Get L1 approval , and we wait on L2 extension approval
Step 3: As wait time is long , we go to india in April - get L1 and L2 stamping on visa and come back ( in this case L2 extension done as we got stamping)
Step 4: Come back in April and send L2 visa copy to USCIS as supporting document for EAD processing
Step 5: USCIS will take the visa document and process the EAD extension as per the timelines of the Texas service center

Please let me know if the above approach would work?!

Really appreciate your time on this and sorry for not being complete with all the information earlier.


Additional information on my timeline:

Dec 5 2019: L1,L2 extension and EAD filed under regular processing
Jan 8 2020 : the application upgraded to premium processing
Jan 15 2020: RFE on L1 application
Jan 21 2020 : L2 spouse biometrics compeleted
Mar 2 2020: RFE response received and prem processing started again
As of today: Waiting for L1 extension result

Hi @shradha_doshi

In my opinion, going to India just for L2 visa might not speed up your L2 EAD processing time. There is no guarantee that sending L2 visa copy to USCIS will help speed up EAD processing. At-least, i do not know of any case where it has happened.

As i already suggested, the total time would still be same as getting L2 extension approval within USA.


Thanks a lot! we will prefer to wait here only then i think.


Hello ,

Is there delay in premium processing because USCIS is short staffed due to coronavirus?
Have anyone heard of that? where USCIS refunding premium money as they could not process and the case moved back to normal ?