Get FBI police clearance in both email and paper copy

another question for FBI PCC, I know not relevant to this thread’s subject line.
If I select the response to be received in Hard Copy (by mail) Still I will be receiving soft copy ? I mean its like either/ or both can be selected.

Yes, you will receive both. You can select both options and cost is same.

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FBI website error "information is malformed’

Why am I getting “information is malformed” error (when the FBI form is asking to confirm the details after clicking on payment option ?)

I am not sure. Can’t really say without looking at the error.

04%20PM This is the error

Ok…are you using Google chrome browser?

If yes, then try with Mozilla or Internet explorer.
I have seen that FBI website throws weird errors with Google chrome.

This is firefox
May be I have to try after some time, also the SSN needs to be given only last 4 digits correct ? (It is accepting both 9 and 4 digits although the hint says provide last 4 digits or …)

Ok…then I am not sure why the site is throwing this error.

Provide only last 4 digits. They will be printed on the report as well.
You have the option if you want it to be printed on final report or not.

I recommend getting last 4 digits of SSN printed on FBI report.

Also, remember that you need to apply for state police check (wherever you have lived for more than 3 months in last 12 months) as well.

I am in Irving, TX for all my 4 years. Do I need state in my case.

Yes, you need from Texas police.

Texas has separate process and fees.
You need to send them the fingerprints too. It costs $25 per person.

Check Texas state police check process here.

same error for my wife too. May need to try after sometime.

If I will go to Police station for FBI fingerprint, can they do same time for Texas state as well.

Police station will give you two copies for your fingerprints.
You can use one for FBI and one for Texas state check.

If you use the second copy for Texas state check, you will save money on Texas third party elecreonic fingerprints service fees.

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ok, so first thing in my case do the payment so that I can go to Police Station for fingerprinting.
Let me get this done first will again bug you :stuck_out_tongue: if need more clarification for state check.


Payment on FBI website can be done after Fingerprints at police station too.

ouu makes sense
I hope I dont have to take appointment to go to police station.

Not sure if you have already read this FBI step by step process or not. Just sharing the link for easy access:

yes Sir, :slight_smile:
I am following all the steps mentioned to submit the docs after EOI. These steps are included there.
Also for state url you shared the form is for adoption (is this common form)

another thing I read down there, they are also going to send to FBI. :thinking:

Oops…sorry. looks like I copied the wrong link.

You need the ‘Texas criminal history record check’.

I will share the link again. Give me a minute.

Texas state police send request to FBI

It is just for information as Texas police may check the records with FBI too.
But, if you do not have any criminal history, they may just check their own records and send the certificate.

This is the correct link: