Get DU transcripts when I applied for revaluation in Second year college

I had applied for revaluation of a particular subject in B. Com (Part II, year 2003).

I had to hand over the original marksheet to the college authorities during the revaluation application process and they handed me over a totally different marksheet stamped “Revaluation” on it.

It has the pre- revaluation marks . My marks improved. There is no post revaluation marksheet for Part II with me.

However Part III marksheet has the marks for the previous year as well (Consolidated marksheet for Part II and Part III).

Now I do not remember whether I missed collecting the marksheet or no new marksheet is issued at all after revaluation.

All I have now is Part 1 marksheet, consolidated Part II and Part III marksheet. Will I still get the transcripts from DU??

Another question - If I missed collecting the post revaluation marksheet can i collect it now?

What is the process? I live in US and getting a FIR done seems difficult for me.

Does anyone have a working contact number from the department which issues transcripts??

  1. I have no experience with re-valuation mark sheets issue.
  2. As per my information, the part I and part 2 + Part 3 consolidated mark sheets should be good enough for your visa and immigration purpose.