Get 190 visa - 70 points - Occupational Health and Safety Adviser (251312)

  • How is possible to get 190 visa with 70 points and my code is Occupational Health and Safety Adviser (251312)?, is there any possibility?

  • What is the meaning of PRO-RATA NEXT TO THE PROFFESSION.

You have good chance of 190 invite with 70 points in Occupational Health and Safety Adviser 251312 job code.

Pro-rata means that the job category is over-subscribed (more people have applied than number of invites can be sent) and limited invites are being sent each draw.

I studied Occupational Health and Safety 251312. Currently I have 70 points. I am also working full time in my related occupation. Any chance to get invitation from NSW?

I cannot suggest anything for NSW as they do not share their invite data publicly.

The chances seem low at this time point for 70 points though.