GC priroity date porting with I140 multiple employer

Hi Anil Gupta,

Employer A i140 withdrawn after 6 months

i have an approved 1-140 which was withdrawn by previous employer A after 6 months of validity.

Employer B i140 in process, Date ported from Employer A i140

My current employer B is in process of applying PERM, and it might take a while to get my i140 approved.

Move to Employer C, should I wait for Employer B i140 approval 6 months

If I want to change employer to C, do I have to wait for 6 months after getting my i140 approved from employer B or should I be okay without waiting for 6 months, since date was ported from previous approved i140 through employer A(withdrawn)?

You should wait for 6 months with employer B’s i140 after approval.
Then, you can use employer B’s approved i140 tomport your date to employer C’s PERM.