Gap in employment in USA on H4 - What to write in Form 80 for Australia PR?

(Anonymous) #1

Hi Anil,

I have gap in employment after I came to USA on H4 (as my application was not picked up in two consecutive years (Lottery), and due to this I have approx 3 years of unemployment.

All though I did not work in US, I have overall 11 years of experience back home in India for which ACS assessment was made with 5 years being considered in my selected occupation.

I have received invite for 189 visa in Jan 2019 and now the question is what do you highly recommend that I should include/write in “Additional Information” in Form 80 for my situation?

Your honest inputs will help me before I submit the Visa application.

(Anil Gupta) #2

Form 8 -Additional information for employment Gaps

You should clearly write the reason for employment gaps in Form 80 as ‘H4 visa - not eligible to work’.

You should not hide any information in form 80 as Australia Immigration can verify.

If you reason for gap in employment is genuine, Australia Immigration will have NO issues with it.