Friend's H4 EAD approved filed at same time approved, mine pending

Hi, I was on H1B and maxed out by Sep’18.

Hence applied H4-EAD through my Spouse’s company sometime in July-24.

One of my friend who applied for H4 EAD a week before me in the same VSC(Vermont) had received the approval 2 weeks ago.

But I am yet to get mine. Do you know any possible reason for this delay.

Did you apply H4 COS and H4 EAd together?

One thing before i answer your question: Did you apply for H4 COS too? or got your H4 stamped by going outside USA before applying for H4-EAD?

If you did apply for H4 COS, then your H4EAD is waiting for H4 COS first and it is taking a hell lot of time. You probably are better off going out of USA to get H4 at this time.

If you already had H4, then there is no specific reason except that the USCIS officer working on your case is busy with other cases in his queue. Your turn will come sooner or later.

My H4 +EAD are both applied at the same time from US. I continue to stay here with the receipt. Does that answer your question?

Also, my second question if i have to get H4 stamped by going outside USA -> going to Mexico/Canada can also be considered right?

If I do, that do we need to submit another form? What is the way to let USCIS know about the new H4 stamping status?

H4 COS processing time

ok…so your application is stuck in H4 COS queue then. It is currently taking 14 months for H4 COS to be approved at Vermont.

Get H4 visa stamping outside USA - Abandon H4 COS

So, your better option is to go out of USA and get H4 stamped. Once you go out, your H4 COS will be automatically abandoned by USCIS.

Re-enter USA on H4 - Wait for H4 EAD result

Then, you will have to re-enter USA with H4 visa. After this, your existing H4 EAD application might receive RFE to prove H4 status.
At that time, you can submit your H4 status proof.

Submit another H4 EAD application - fast track with H4 status

Or, if you do not want to wait for RFE, you can file another H4 EAD application with H4 status.

Thanks Anil for the information.

Do you know how much time will it take if we file fresh H4 EAD application after I get my H4 stamped.

Also, do you know whether I can get this H4 stamped by going to Mexico/Canada?

The current H4 EAd processing times are given here.

They are updated daily. Assume 4-5 months of time after you file.
You can get H4 stamped in Mexico or Canada.

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