Form i539 Q-19 be answered yes if H4-EAD already active, spouse working?

My wife just started to work on her H4 EAD as an Intern and I am preparing documents to file H1B,H4 AND H4EAD together.

My question is do I need to select Yes to question 19 (Part 4- Additional information) on form I-539?

If yes, then could you please tell me what documents and what information I need to provide.

Q19 Part 4 on Form i539 with H4 EAD

Yes, you should answer ‘YES’ to Q 19 (part 4) on form i-539 if your wife is currently employed using H4-EAD work authorization.

Q19 Additional information

There is a section on the form i539 (See the highlighted portion):

You have to write this information about your spouse’s employment here in this section.

  1. Type of Work. E.g. Software Engineer

  2. Spouse Name

  3. Employer Name

  4. Employer Address

  5. Weekly gross pay

  6. Employment Authorization by USCIS with H4-EAD - Provide your H4 EAD number.

Let me know if you need more information.