Form 80 (Personal particulars for assessment)--186 visa

Hi Anil,

I was asked by the Dept of Home Affairs to fill out the Form 80. I am stuck with some question items and your advice would be appreciated:

Part B.
23. Do you currently have a partner? —>If we don’t live together but have been dating and seen each other as a partner, should I tick yes? It’s not the same as de facto relationship status, correct?

Part E.
44. Have you traveled to Australia before? —> If I already indicated my current visa type in Q.41 as 457 visa holder, can I say NO to Q45 since I have never traveled to Australia until my 457 visa was granted?

Part H.
57. Have you been refused a visa for Australia or any other country?–> If my first 186 visa application (Direct Entry) has been refused, shall I still tick yes?


Part B - Do you currently have a partner

For a de facto relationship, you have to live together in the past 12 months which you are not. So, you should answer ‘No’.

Have you traveled to Australia before?

You have to say yes, if you have ever entered Australia before the current date.
If you are currently in Australia and this is your first travel, you should still answer ‘Yes’ and give details.

Have you been refused visa?

Visa refusal means any visa. If your 186 visa was refused, you should say ‘yes’ and then provide details of refusal.

Thank you for your kind reply, Anil. Somehow I thought I could still tick yes to this partner item given the stable relationship we have and it’s different from question 2 regarding the de facto status.

Also, do you know where I’d upload all the additional documents requested by them? Shall I still go back to “Action” and then “Attach documents” that I have already submitted and are received by them? Or shall I upload them under “Additional documents”?


You have to upload documents in “Additional Documents”.

Hi Anil, just double check if I am doing it correctly.
Is it correct that I shall upload all the new documents under Actions–> Attach Documents–> Additional Documents? After that, I press “I confirm I have provided information as needed” and the message will be sent to the case officer?


Yes, that’s correct.

Wow, you’re so responsive, Anil :slight_smile: Would you advise that I also attach a letter in response to the case officer’s requested documents (e.g., FBI clearance, police checks, Form 80)? The reason I’d like to include it is that I have got my FBI clearance but don’t think it’s necessary to also get state police checks as I haven’t been back to the States since 2014. The website says living there in the past 12 months, which doesn’t apply to me. I also confirmed it with another case officer when I emailed them my inquiry via NSW PSE.

I just wanted to justify on the safe side. Thank you.

Cover letter is not mandatory

You can include the letter if you want but it’s not really required.

US police state required only if stayed in US in last 12 months

It is officially written on Australia immigration website too that you only need US state police check if you have lived there in past 12 months.
FBI check is sufficient.

I personally know a friend with same situation has you who did not submit the state police check and still got 189 visa approved.

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