Form 80 details - onsite work and vacation trips

Hi @Anil_Gupta
I had couple of onsite trips for 8 months and 1 months outside India . So
Do I need to declare these details in both sections in question 17 (where all residential address is specified ) and question 18( international travel) . Or I can just specify in section 18?
Also do I need to do the same for vacation trips too ?

Hi @Rishabh_Jain

You have to mention all trips including both work and vacation.

Sample form 80 is available here. Please use it:

Thanks @Anil_Gupta
Yes I saw this form and I will specify my all trips in international trip section including shorter ones.

But there is a section where we specify all our address. (Q 17 ).
Do I need to mention all such shorter trip addresses in this section also.

Hi @Rishabh_Jain

I have given the full form as it should be. Please follow the form.