Form 221g blue slip after looking at end client letter


I had my H1B visa interview on 1st Feb and the consulate asked me few questions and verified end client letter.

Later i was given 221G form with no details checked in it and he had returned the client letter along with passport.

I got confused with the 221G blue slip as it doesn’t explicitly tell any documents required for AP. Could you please advice how may does it take in my case?

Sorry to hear that.
If visa officer returned your passport, then, it usually means that it will take more than 8-10 weeks for your case’s admin processing.

We have seen people waiting for decision in these kind of cases for more than 6 months too.

So, be prepared.

I got my petition approved after RFE and also it was in premium processing. Why does it require administrative processing though i submitted all documents in RFE itself. Is there any specific reason?

Well, i cannot guess as to why visa officer thought of issuing admin processing.
You are the best judge as you heard visa officer’s questions and gave answers.

We are seeing form 221g rise in cases where you are employed by consultancy firm and work at client location.
Do you have a middle vendor involved between your employer and end client?