Forgot to upload photo on Indian government online passport renewal form

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

Did not upload digital photo to NRI online Passport form

I have completed my CKGS form and online NRI PASSPORT form and not yet mailed it as I did not upload the photographs. Is there a way to go back and upload the photos online?

Will the withdraw and resubmit option be the only way to do?
Is it charged?

Can I mail the documents without uploading online photo?

Can I just mail the form without online photos and mail the photos using email?

Can we modify CKGS form?

Is there a way to modify the CKGS form?

Please advise. Thanks once again.

Online NRI passport form CANNOT be edited

Editing on government’s online application is not allowed once you are past the upload picture step.

Mail Passport application without Uploading Photo to NRI form

You can mail the form without uploading photos. I have not heard of any issues.

In-fact, i know many people who have got their renewed passport even when they did not upload the picture.
Uploading photo is optional at this time.

Want to Upload photo on NRI online passport form?

If you do want to upload photos, you have to do the whole process again. You can cancel CKGS application and cancel the payments, if you have already done so.

Modify CKGS Passport application

The other option is to call CKGS and ask to change your government’s online application number (attached to your CKGS application) to the new one from back-end.

You won’t be able to do it yourself on CKGS website.

Hello Anuradha,

I have done a similar mistake. Can you please let us know what happened?

Thank you very much.

Hi @Sujtr
Uploading the photo is optional on online government form.
You can submit your application without uploading and it should be fine.

Thank you very much Anil.

Hi Anil,

I am in trouble for similar reason.

Uploaded Incorrect photo on govt site

I uploaded my photo on government side and finished application process on ckgs site but yet to post them. I have made a mistake by uploading a incorrect photo which I want to re-upload.

As per your suggestion it is optional but in my case it was uploaded and it appear in the form in left side.

Is editing photo allowed on NRI form?

Now if I just affix my new/correct photo in application, it would be different. What should I do? please help me.

Is there any way I can link new web file number of new application from government to submitted CKGS application?

Hi @kumar_kunal

Editing of photo on NRI form is not allowed.

You have following options now:

Option 1

  1. You should fill a new Online Govt. NRI form on their website.

  2. Once you are done with filling the online form, note the web reference number and call CKGS.
    You won’t be able to change it yourself on CKGS website.

  3. Call CKGS and ask to change your government’s online application number (attached to your CKGS application) to the new one from back-end.

Option 2

  1. Cancel your application and ask for a refund by calling CKGS.

  2. RESTART the entire process from CKGS website.

I would suggest to go with Option 1 first.

Let me know if you need more information.

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Hi Anil, I really appreciate your help and quick reply. I will contact them and inform you back on this.

Change CKGS webfile number referring to NRI online passport form

I had a call with CKGS customer care. They said it is not possible to change webfile number online or through email.

Just i need to add one letter to consulate on A4 size (as a covering letter) along with all document to consulate.

He also confirmed that photograph upload is optional.

@Anil_Gupta , thank you very much!!

Hi @kumar_kunal

Good to know this information.
Other day, CKGS suggested one other person to fill a new form and they will change the webfile number from back end. Seems like there is no standard process for this case at their end.

Anyways, thanks for sharing the answer with community.
It will certainly help other people coming here. We appreciate it.

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