First OPT Denied - What is my status?

Hi i applied for initial opt but i got denied letter from uscis yesterday and my program end date was on august 4. I’m in confussion whether my status is in active or Inactive. Do we have 6 months time for sevis termination after completing program.

What is the reason mentioned in denial letter?

OPT Denial - Grace period = 60 days after I-20 validity

If your I-765 OPT is denied, your legal F-1 status controls your status in US which is the I-20 end date plus 60 days grace period.

If you are still within the grace period, you may stay in the U.S. until the grace period is over.
If the grace period has already finished, your status is “Unlawful presence” and you should leave the U.S. without delay.

Appeal Initial OPT denial

The chances OPT approval after appealing are low.
If you believe you were denied in error, contact your university’s International Center Advisor or private immigration attorney to guide you with next steps.